1. Administration

    The Administration Department includes the City Manager and the City Recorder.

  2. Community Development

    Community Development Deaprtment to view planning and zoning resources such as a variety of maps.

  3. Economic Development

    To stimulate and guide the development of a vibrant, livable city that nurtures a creative, diverse and balanced economy for Ephraim's citizens, businesses and visitors.

  4. Finance

    Ephraim City is dedicated to the transparency and accountability of city government finances and information. We are here to serve you.

  5. Fire

    Find out how to contact your local fire department.

  6. Justice Court

  7. Library

    Come see the great work that was done in the renovation of this beautiful historic building in downtown Ephraim.

  8. Manti-Ephraim Airport

    Manti-Ephraim Airport (41U)

  9. Recreation

    Ephraim City Recreation will provide a variety of sports activities for youth.

  10. Police

    Locate details and resources on the Ephraim Police Department.

  11. Power

    The Power Department's responsibilities include various types of maintenance and activities.

  12. Public Works

    The Public Works Department's responsibilities include various types of maintenance and activities on City streets such as repair, snow removal, and street sweeping.

  13. Utilities

    To sign up for residential Ephraim City utilities you must print and complete a Residential Utility Application.