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FEMA Flood Maps

*The following links will take you to the FEMA mapping website where you can search for official FEMA flood maps based on a specific street address.
Tip: To locate a flood plain map, type in an address on the main page of the FEMA Mapping website and access "Search by street address". You can then view or purchase maps that match the address you typed. You may also create a PDF file to download.

For further flood plain questions regarding a specific property, please call 877-FEMA MAP or 877-336-2627.

For zoning, land use, and city map questions, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 435-283-4631.

Additional Resources

The following are free links that allows for aerial and street mapping. These are external links and not affiliated with nor supported by Ephraim City.

Aerial and Street Maps

3D Aerial & Street Maps

(May require a free download to view.)