Where does Ephraim get its power from?
We are associated with Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems:
UAMPS. consists of 45 members across 8 Western States.
- Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) located in Page AZ, this is power from the Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell).
-Hunter Project Located in Emery County, UT,
- Intermountain Power Project (IPP) Located in Delta Ut,
- Firm Power Supply Project which includes the wind purchase from the Pleasant Valley Wind Facility through Iberdrola Renewables LLC.
-Horse Butte Project Located approximately 16 miles east of the City of Idaho Falls
- Carbon Free Power Project which is investigating the viability of developing a small modular reactor project using NuScale technology. The SMR project could consist of twelve 50 MW reactors located at the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls, ID. UAMPS has entered into a teaming agreement with NuScale and Energy Northwest that outlines the parties role in developing the project.
Ephraim also has 4 hydro powered generators that generate up to 5 MW of internal hydro power yearly.

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3. Where does Ephraim get its power from?
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