How do I request a Police Report?

If you need a copy of an incident report from the Ephraim City Police Department, you will need to complete a GRAMA form. These forms are available at the Police Department Office, or you may access one by clicking on the link below.


There are some minor fees associated with most copies of reports:

  • Reports (up to 10 pages) are $5.00
  • Additional pages are charged at .10 cents per page
  • Traffic Accident Reports (the “DI-9”) are $5.00
  • Photographs are $25.00 per DVD/Disc
    • You may be billed for additional charges should the case/research required be extensive. In accordance with Utah Code Annotated 63G-2-203 Ephraim City Police Department will provide the first ¼ hour free of charge. Thereafter employee time will be at a cost of $4.00 per 15 minutes or $16.00 per hour.
    • Items that are not readily available, items that require extensive review and/or redacting of information and other non-standard releases may be billed by the hour as well.
    • By law, not all reports are immediately available. Some reports may be classified as private, controlled, or protected and may be considered unobtainable for disclosure. In addition, copies of police reports are not able to be released until after they have been adjudicated or processed through court. If you are the defendant on a case that is not adjudicated, you or your attorney can obtain a copy through “Discovery” from the Prosecuting Attorneys Office.
    • Sensitive information such as names of juveniles, the names of victims and information that relates to medical conditions are generally protected, and therefore may be redacted from reports prior to release.
    • If you need a copy of a report, please click on the link below. You will need to fill out the request completely and be as specific as possible. You may then bring the request in to the office or you can mail it to us. Valid photo ID will need to be presented and fees paid in full prior to the release of a report.
    • Additionally, those wanting reports need to make the request in advance. Due to the volume of requests, it may take up to 10 business days to fill the requests. (Utah law allows up to ten days to respond to GRAMA requests, often the numbers of requests received in a given day or week can make that limit difficult to meet.) Please plan accordingly and turn in your request early! Especially if the report is needed for your court case! 

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