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Ephraim City Fire Department Burn Permit

  2. Ephraim City Fire Department Burn Permit Request Form
    Pursuant to Utah Code 65A-8-11, Anyone wishing to open burn between the dates of June 1st and October 31st must obtain a permit from the Ephraim City Fire Department. Ephraim City and the Ephraim City Fire Department may extend the closed burn season (those dates between June 1 and October 31) if conditions present a significant danger to the community. Open burning outside of these dates do not require a permit.
  3. Please fill out the form below and read the burning requirements. When completed submit the form. You will be contacted by a representative of the Ephraim Fire Department to complete your request.
  4. Please read through the below information before submitting form.
    Burn Agreement: 1. No burning of trash or construction debris is permitted 2. All burning shall take place when there is little to no wind 3. Burning shall take place in an open area away from structures, overhead power and phone lines 4. Burning shall not be done on city sidewalks, curbs or streets 5. Fires shall be attended at all times 6. Fires shall be fully extinguished 7. Fires shall be kept to a manageable size at all times 8. Proper suppression equipment to maintain control of the fire must be present at all times. This may include but is not limited to garden hoses, fire extinguishers, shovels, rakes, etc. 9. PLEASE be considerate of neighbors. Smokey fires are a nuisance Any and all fires and permits are subject to be revoked and/or prohibited due to unfavorable weather conditions. Illegal materials or any other just cause may be ordered extinguished by Ephraim City Fire Department personnel. If a fire should escape the permit holder, the permit holder may be responsible for all costs associated with fire extinguishment. This agreement does not release the signed applicant from any responsibility relating to violations or damages that may occur as a result of the fire activity. A copy of this permit must be kept on site of the area in which the burning will take place. Permit is valid ONLY for the location stated above.
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  6. Applicant is responsible to notify Sanpete Dispatch (435)835-2345 with the intended day and time of the burn and permit number.
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