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Historic Peace Tree Survey

  1. The "Peace Tree" stands in the Pioneer Park as a memorial to the 1868 peace treaty between Canute Peterson and Chief Black Hawk that took place under it's branches. Unfortunately, the tree died many years ago; due to it's age and severe deterioration. It has become a danger to those enjoying the park and the time has come for action to be taken.

    In an attempt to preserve the memorial, while making the tree safer for the community, we ask that you provide your feedback through this short survey. Thank you for your participation.

    Please answer "yes" or "no" to only one option. If you have further comment please use the box at the bottom of the survey.

  2. Cut off the top branches, leave the trunk and preserve the trunk.
  3. Remove the tree without replanting, leave the existing plaque and beautify the area where the tree once stood.
  4. Remove the original tree and plant a new one in it's place.
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