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Scandinavian Festival 2024 Vendor Application

  1. Booth Space Size (Mark only 1):*

     A booth space is an uncovered 10’ deep x 10’, 20’ or 30’ wide on asphalt. Vendors are required to provide their own booth structure, tarps, trash, tables, chairs, etc. Displays must be confined to the booth space marked, and not encroach on the walkways or the spaces to the side or rear of the booth.

  2. Does your booth require electricity provided by Ephraim City?*
  3. If checked yes, how much power do you require?
  4. If checked yes, what kind of outlet do you require?
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    Option A
  6. Option B
    Option B
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    Option C
  8. Other
  9. Does your business have insurance?*

    Ephraim City requires certain vendors to have insurance for the Scandinavian Heritage Festival depending on the vendor’s proposed activity. If the vendor does have insurance, the vendor must submit a copy of the certificate of insurance with the application to Ephraim City. Vendors must include ‘Ephraim City’ as an additional insured on policies. Vendors that do not have insurance may still participate in Scandinavian Heritage Festival, however, Ephraim City reserves the right to reject vendors due to lack of insurance and risk of activity.

  10. Have you or to the best of your knowledge, a member of your staff ever been convicted of a felony?*
  11. Do you require any special accommodation from Ephraim City for this event?*

    Example: specific handicap needs, any deviation from the required hours to operate your booth, booth placement requests, etc. Please do not request access to water. Each vendor is responsible for their own water needs and neither Ephraim City nor Snow College will provide access to water.

  12. Does your booth or items relate to Scandinavian culture or the Scandinavian theme of the event? (Note: Vendors selling Scandinavian-related products will be given priority booth spaces centrally located in the event.)*
  13. Terms and Conditions

    I agree to sell only that merchandise which is part of this application. There are no guarantees regarding preference for space location. There are no guarantees of duplicate independent sales companies. I understand that submitting an application does not guarantee me a space in the Scandinavian Heritage Festival. Ephraim City reserves the right to deny all applications before and after application approval. Space is provided based on application approval and convenience for Ephraim City. I understand that I am responsible for providing all other resources needed for my booth that are not outlined in this application, such as water, trashcans, etc. Displays must be confined to the booth space, and not encroach on walkways or surrounding spaces. Assignments must be adhered to and are not transferable. I agree to be present at my booth from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Friday, May 24th and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday, May 25th. There are no vehicles allowed in or around booth spaces. I, undersigned, agree to comply with the Utah State Tax regulation. The Utah State Tax Commission will mail out temporary tax licenses after the event. Failure to return a completed temporary tax license to the Utah State Tax Commission may result in no invitation to future Scandinavian Heritage Festivals. The Scandinavian Heritage Festival is not dependent on weather. Fees will not be refunded in the event of cancellation. I, undersigned, agree to consider this application a commitment to show and realize that no refunds will be made for cancellation or postponement after acceptance. Applicant further agrees that neither the Scandinavian Heritage Festival or Ephraim City  shall be in any way, manner, or amount, responsible for theft, damage, or destruction to application’s merchandise or equipment on site, however arising. Each vendor is responsible for any damages to or from your booth and/or product. Booth space must be clean and garbage free. Vendors will be charged a cleaning fee if needed and will not be invited to participate in future Scandinavian Heritage Festivals. Vendors are prohibited from smoking within their designated vendor area or within 25 feet of any other vendor booth. Failure to comply with this agreement and the Scandinavian Festival Vendor Policies may result in immediate removal from the festival as well as any associated civil and/or criminal penalties.

    By submitting this application, I agree to the terms listed above.

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